Part 3 of "Our most romantic road trip with a dog" series

The last days of our Provence trip were very romantic, full of scents and flavours – just as described in literature.

We visited several villages, tasted cottage cheese, fruit and wine, enjoyed the lavender ice cream, souvenirs shopping and strolling through cobbled streets and open markets.

It was difficult to decide which way was cuter and whose backyard to peek at first.

Traffic was low so we saw couple of dogs walking off the leash, with their humans alert to call them off any time. It seemed that cats were more favoured pets than dogs and given our Mookie was not comfortable around cats, she was on a retractable leash while strolling up and down scenic villages.

What is so special about these villages? Well, they are uber-cute with rich history going back to medieval ages, whose inhabitants obviously made a rational decision to enjoy small things in life. Everywhere you look, there is a “Wow! Look at this!” moment.

One charming village after another, the village of Roussillon with its red rocks is a must-see.

For our stay we chose a secluded, handpicked-designed Leon en Provence B&B place. It was the only accommodation we had booked well in advance because I saw on their website they had mini donkeys! It turned out to be a wonderful place for animal lovers. When we arrived, we were first welcomed by Faust. He is a super-friendly playful border collie who doesn’t go to sleep before all guests are tucked in and safe in their rooms.

Tour around the estate and you meet dogs, Faust and Freeman, mini donkeys, chicken, goats and horses. Mini donkeys define friendliness; you can pet them, talk to and feed them… so dear creatures.

Mookie totally approved our country style vacation.

Unless they have already accompanied other guests in their walks, Faust and Freeman will keep you company.

Freeman is a Beauceron, curious and guarding girl. She and Faust make an adorable team, always there to check what is going on and grab a treat. Here they are saying good bye and seeing us off.

Overall, it was a pitty we couldn’t spend more time in Provence. Tough sightseeing schedule (3 different accommodations in 5 days, few different villages in a day with new scents everywhere) was a bit too much for our Mookie. When we arrived one afternoon to the Domaine de la Citadelle winery, she came along with us but turned restless and gladly went back to our car. It was early October and we left the windows open, feeling safe to leave her there.

Dog on a road trip is a full time job!

Few tips:

  • Make sure your dog is used to spending time in a crate or transporter. It will become safe and resting place your dog can always retreat to.

  • Our Mookie is a light-haired pup and blankie is a must-have item. It provides her with comfort and warmth. We also carry all sorts of her favourite toys, but home-scented blankie ensures she can peacefully rest.

  • We hit the road in late September and booked our stays while on the road, sometimes only 1 day in advance. (, AirBnb). Prices were lower than in peek season, weather was more pleasant and sightseeing spots were less crowded.

  • If the road leads you to the Domaine de la Citadelle winery and you like red wine that won't break your budget – opt for the Les Artémes. It requires no heavy food, but offers lots of scents and delicate refreshing flavours, perfect to share with friends upon your return home.

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