Part 2 of "Our most romantic road trip with a dog" series

There are different sorts of travelers: well self-organized, hectic, or those in favour of guided tours and group travels. We are the sort of people who want to visit and feel as many interesting sites as possible. But we only have a general idea of where we want to go, without strict schedule or planned time. So much so that one summer we packed up, loaded our car, made sandwiches and decided to hit the road the next day.

Therefore, we have a lot of stories to tell and photos to show, but sometimes we wish we had more time to thoroughly explore the area. So, that’s why our “Must go back” list is growing – we’ve added Avignon and the Palais des Papes to it!

After couple of days at beautiful sunny Cote d’Azur (check out previous post!), it was time to go. There was a choice: to follow the highway and efficiently reach our next spot and spare some time for sightseeing later, or stay on country roads, drive through Verdon National Park and rest our eyes on the beautiful nature. We decided to take it slow.

A short drive from Nice, towards the mountainous area of Provence, scenery and the weather completely changed.

Our next stop was L'Alpen Roc Chambres d'hotes et gîtes. It’s a bed & breakfast place, designed and run by Cedrick and Stephane with their two westie girls, Eve and Satyne. After so much urban concrete, Mookie was really pleased. Finally something for her to run around and explore!

Eve and Satyne are salon type girls, they have their sofa chairs to leisure in and didn’t find it particularly amusing to run with Mookie around the house, show up as many times in the same spot only for a second, run to the backyard and show up on front deck again.

L’Alpen Roc is a big renovated house with tastefully furnished rooms, lavender scented bed sheets and awesome country breakfast. I still remember chili pepper jam made by Cedrick’s mom.

We really enjoyed our short stay there. It is close to ski slopes, surrounded by beautiful, calm nature. At night, or when the weather is harsh, there is a TV room for guests with fabulous DVD collection. We watched “Fargo” again that night.

The next day, our road trip took us further east. What a pleasure for the eyes and mind!

This is why we love travelling by car and off highways.

You never know what’s coming next.

En route to our final destination in Vaucluse, the road took us across the Gorges du Verdon, a breathtaking 25 km long river canyon.

Coming up next: Provance Romance

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