You’ve probably seen the video showing small girl controlling a pack of dogs during their feeding session. Some find it adorable. Others think it’s irresponsible. I am however more concerned with something else.

Should I mention that the video features six adult pit bulls? All males. And that the girl is only 4 years old? That food is put on the floor and all dogs eat off of the same pile, together and at the same time? Yes, these are important to mention if one wants to gain viral effect on social networks. OK.

But… Why are we pushing the boundaries? And where to?

I believe we have come a long way in our understanding of canines. Of their psychology. And teaching methods. With our modern approach to dogs, there is hardly anything we couldn’t train them to do. As dog trainers, we have made a huge leap forward. And what have we accomplished as humans? Do we respect the boundaries of some breeds? Or specific dogs? Their current mood? Do we understand what is the dog’s yawning in the video telling us? What ears slicked back of another one mean? Is it that, after so many years, we still feel superior to other species and want our dog to do something just because we can?

Why do we demand from our hairy friends more responsibility and understanding for our ego than we are willing and capable to show for their natural instincts?

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