Whenever you decide to visit Vienna, the city will dazzle you with its history, art and vibrant culture. Last month, in a spur of the moment we decided to go for a day with our dog.

Surely, had we spent more time on planning and research, we could have been able to find cheaper place to stay, out of the city center and probably closer to the Danube River. As it was, we were probably arriving later in the day and wanted a nice hotel with good reviews close to downtown, breakfast included. And dog-friendly, by all means! Thus we spent a night at the Levante Parliament hotel in the Museum District.

There's a number of posh, comfortable, hip, design, business hotels in the Museum District or Museumsquartier in German. Our choice was based on low price/high rank ratio. (Hint: weekend room rate quoted on hotel booking site on Thursday was lower than on Friday.)

Plus, Mookie the atomic mutt, found alone and abandoned in the industrial area of Novi Sad, was charged 30 euros for her stay. :D But that’s a regular rate in that part of the city, at least from what we were able to find in a short period of time. Hotel was good, debatable whether its 5-stars rank match up to 5-stars in other parts of the world, but the room was equipped with everything we needed for such a short stay. Breakfast was also good, we were on a 15-minutes walk from every sightseeing spot and Mookie was very pleased with quality of our bedding. It is a house rule that dogs are not allowed to breakfast room, so we let her rest in our bed for a while.

So, where to go and what to visit with your dog? We spent our afternoon strolling around Museumsquartier and Vienna’s historic center. It's an ideal way to feel the vibe of the city, including compulsory stop by for a cup of espresso and dessert, do some window shopping and above all, look up at the marvelous architecture of Vienna.

Vienna is totally dog-friendly. With class. Not only dog parks throughout the city are mapped online, but there is also official information on their surface area, whether they are fenced, with fresh water available or not. We found this most helpful as it allowed us to plan our day with Mookie and make sure she would have her doggy share of fun.


For a morning walk Mookie checked a small park nearby our hotel. Cleaning after pooch is required; and for our convenience, there are baggy dispensers in dog parks and all over downtown.

Early afternoon we spent at the Prater park. It’s a large free area with heaps of fun places and things to do for every age and sort, publicly accessible since 1766. And a heavenly off leash area (cca. 30 acres) for doggies of all breeds, sizes, colors and even some fierce toy breeds on the leash :D It was really lovely and totally relaxing to spend a day in the nature in the middle of the city where everyone was pleasant and friendly. Dog people are best.

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​And Mookie had the greatest time! We played with frisbee and then she met a friendly pooch to race with until losing her breath :D Watch this video of Mookie and her buddy running around and playing.

We love Vienna! And look forward to visiting again.

Sightseeing tip: Haus der Musik. If you can leave your pooch at home or a hotel, do visit interactive museum of MUSIC. It's close to Stephansplatz, will not occupy your whole day but fills you with sound and joy.

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