It’s not all about the money. Though there’s never enough of it when it comes to abandoned dogs. Every nickel counts and it's utterly important to donate efficiently. Ask directly what they need. People who take care of dogs know best.

Most of us spend loads of money on buying all kinds of treats and gifts. Why not make a difference in someone’s life? Start shopping at auctions and charity shops. Stop cluttering and collecting gifts you do not need. For your next birthday ask your friends for a gift that makes a difference. Donation. Foster from a distance. Dry food supply.

Think, what do you have that could change things to others? Maybe you have Internet skills to build or administer web site. Manage social media accounts. Take photos of abandoned dogs and post stories about them. These are all the things that somebody needs to do, in order for pups to be able to find their human.

You may as well offer transport to the vet or supply store. Maybe you are good at grooming and nails trimming.

Look around your home for old shirts and hoodies. There are so many ideas online how to make a toy or bed out of it. Shelter dogs are not on some kind of a waiting list. They are real dogs. They like to play. And they also like when it’s comfy.

Think of the ways to assist people working at shelters. At least for an afternoon. Make them coffee, order pizza, or bring some cakes. Buy warm boots and working gloves. Shovel snow. Clean water and food bowls. They are only people, too.

In some situations your skills and active involvement are priceless. Also, do not forget those out of sight and official records. Not all those shelters invisible to media and social networks. Actually, they need you most.

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