Of course, well-behaved dogs are pretty much allowed everywhere in Slovenia and those places where they are not are clearly marked (e.g. supermarkets, banks, some restaurants). Mookie visited a number of souvenir shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants.

In Tozd bar, a girl sitting next to us gave her an earlobe massage. It totally worked! Mookie enjoyed her moment fully. Tozd bar is a cool, relaxing cafe-bar next to the Ljubljanica river in Gallusovo nabrežje street serving well-balanced espresso. Their offer includes assorted wine and beer, bistro-style food, but we opted each time for a good cup of coffee.

We also visited Smile Concept store. It's everything its name says. Mookie striking a pose at their blossom selfie wall:

So, about the accommodation: We used AirBnb service, and the first time we stayed in a place which was 15 mins away from downtown. It was a perfect location for sightseeing and easy strolls by the river.

But, if you asked Mookie, she would have rather stayed somewhere in the countryside, so she could run endlessly and enjoy the nature instead of city life. So, next time we spent a week at Žabnice village, about 10 kilometers from downtown Ljubljana. Hooray! Happiness according to Mookie:

As she was always running across fields, sniffing, rolling in and eating all that compost, poop and whatever smelly delicacy there was, she'd be usually tired and sleepy (i.e. groggy) rest of the day.

However, this one time she was pretty alert. Doggy bakery Hov-Hov!

This is actually a franchise, originating from the city of Maribor and spreading to Ljubljana, Croatia, Austria. They announced opening soon in Novi Sad, Serbia. Lots of cookies, cakes!!!, muffins... Sadly, we don't have a photo to share as Mookie expressly ate them all.

Coming up next: 24 hours in Vienna

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