In November last year we spent a month in the lovely city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It's a fairly small city (about 280 thousand people) but a very interesting metropolis with picturesque downtown.

The photo below was taken during the festive season. And it genuinely shows how cute Ljubljana is. Just a few hundreds of meters away from pinkish building in the center of the photo is an Open Central Market with so many goodies and delicacies. Perfect destination for early Saturday stroll.

Slovenia is also famous for its industrial design. It was a leader in design of ex-Yugoslavia and I dare say, though only an art enthusiast, it is a leader in industrial design of the southeast Europe nowadays. To prove that notion of mine, further below is a photo of Mookie striking a pose at Fishmarket bridge.

Father of Ljubljana's architecture is Jože Plečnik (1872-1954) who designed and built cornerstones of modern Ljubljana. However, he did not have time to complete one of the bridges in downtown area. In time, Ljubljana inhabitants clearly showed the need for the bridge to be completed. The Fishmarket bridge, or Ribja Brv in Slovenian, was built in 2012. And it was a challenge, how to design a bridge in 2012 to fit in in neo-renaissance style of Ljubljana's downtown? Local architectural studio opted for fully transparent, lean construction which at first, to be honest, I did not even register. Only after looking for modern, unusual sightseeing spots in Ljubljana online, I realized we have passed this bridge at least twice and never noticed how contemporary, of today it is. Amazing! Behind Mookie, you can see reflection of people, visitors of bridge, but further behind, you see people gathering at bars and restaurants in the street parallel to the river. Very simple and effective.

Another lovely corner of Ljubljana is Tivoli park. We are not quite clear on dog leash etiquette in Slovenia. But, in the photo below you will surely observe Mookie violating every possible rule we could have imagined. Apparently, the general rule is that dogs should be on leash wherever there are people nearby. In Slovenia, country made for hiking, there are people everywhere!! So, given it was November, muddy and cold, and there was nobody resting on grass, Mookie went off the leash. Definitely I would not recommend this in spring and summer, as I imagine the park is packed with people, and of course, if you are reading this, please be advised to look for appropriate information online before letting your dog walk free. Talking to fellow dog owners in the park does not really help, they have many ideas and solutions, and then some.

But, Tivoli park is really nice.

Further ahead this path where Mookie's posing from, is a small hill with jogging and bicycle paths through forest. There all dogs were off the leash. Definitely worth a visit.

Coming up in Part 2: where to find dog-friendly accommodation and proper dog bakery in Ljubljana.

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