Adopting a stray animal is one of the most human acts. Whenever a dog is moved off the street, out of poor conditions or shelter and given a chance to have a quality life, my heart cheers up.

The issue of stray dogs is sensitive and a lot of people feel guilty conscience because they cannot save them all. However, as much as you love animals and want to find them a home, never persuade others that they would make excellent parents and they would 'manage somehow' living with a new pet. If you adopt a dog just because you feel pity for her, you have almost certainly taken the wrong path. If you feel like saving someone's life and you have appropriate means, go ahead! That is one the most beautiful decisions, one that will surely enrich your life.

Nevertheless, adoption is not the only way you can help. In the following lines you may find several alternatives to adoption, and there are even more possibilities. Just don't run hastily to pet shop and buy everything off the rack. Do a small research before taking action. Terms and conditions are different from one shelter to the other and from one country to another. Talk to people from shelters and ask them what they need most. Bear in mind that dog care requires things to be organised and you certainly don't want to disrupt them by unannounced visit. Shelters mostly lack in staff so your phone call or e-mail may not be answered promptly.

With a little bit of patience and good spirit, everything can be done. At the end, we all share a common goal. To make strays' lives better.

- to be continued -

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