Dog park in Podgorica, expected to open shortly, is the first dog park in Montenegro. It is the result of citizens' initiative and persistence — local regulations limit the space for dog walking but at the same time they do not specify areas for off-the-leash walks without being in risk of violating the law.

Eventually, dog owners started forming 'dog parks' on their own. So, we started gathering at Ćemovsko field, where the first dog park is being constructed right now. Long ago we have placed a wooden sign showing it was a dog's park, but it did not really mean anything until the land was legally brought to its intended use. It was necessary for the City of Podgorica to recognize the need for dog park on that location and build the park accordingly. Then we applied for project financing – citizens supported by an NGO received a grant, basically made a donation of EUR 50 thousand to the city! – for dog park project, but also for building a jogging trail and playground for children in the same area.

Besides citizens' persistence, location of the site was crucial, I think – the place where the park is being built, two years ago nobody wanted to visit! It was mostly used for garbage disposal.

So we have also revamped the area!

Now we will try to win over local authorities to build similar parks in other areas of our city, ones that are more urbanized and closer to city center.

Our park will have ten agility obstacles, dog waste bins – and those are the first of their kind in Montenegro! And we, people from our park, will send out message to dog owners to respect the regulations and clean after their pets, which is not something many people do now.

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