I like New Year resolutions. Setting up objectives. Making motivating decisions. But! We stick to them for a week, or two. Or we say, tomorrow is D day! They are too broad and we do not commit ourselves, wholeheartedly.

Still, there comes the moment when decision is made and you know it, deep down within yourself, that nothing can change it. Nobody. It is all up to you.

My New Year resolution is meant for you. And for me. And it is dedicated to dogs. Yours. Mine. The ones over there. I am not referring to obeying the rules of standards and regulation. Nor do I think only of better kibble, longer walks, more play.

For years now, I've been having new owners coming to my courses with their cute puppies. Full of hope and joy. But deep down, so disappointed and tired. Because the sweetest thing turned into something they did not expect. They weren't ready for it. Lovely and special relationship turned into a trap. Captivity.

I cannot give up my resolution in a month. Because puppies are part of our lives for a longer time. Much longer. The time has come, dear owners, for you to learn better. And do better. So that your puppy gets the opportunity to become what you always wanted, ever since she was put in your lap for the first time. It is time to fill your relationship with joy. Trust. Unforgettable moments. Better communication. It is also time for your relaxing walks. Stress-free stay home alone. It is time to bring back the smile to your face. Pride. And that distinctive, unique glare in your eyes. Yours and doggie's.

In 2015... Be a better friend. To your furry friends. With best wishes to you all!

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