During the festive season, New Year's Eve and great expectations, there are some suffering. Being scared. To death. Literally. While you are happy, overwhelmed, raising your champagne glass, full of new year's hope, most of animals are clueless as to what is going on. And why.

Dogs don't like strong sounds, especially when they fly abruptly from the skies. Your dog simply does not understand. Why you would love and take care of him for the whole year and, suddenly, that short loud bang means more to you.

During the madness when some people lose their decency, take care of your dog. Control and avoidance fall upon you. Walk your dog on a leash, you never know when is the next expected crack. Every dog may get scared, no matter how well-balanced she is. If your dog spends most of her time outdoors, bring her inside and leave the radio on. Avoid petting and talking in soft voice when she is too scared. Just be there for him. Stay calm. Hug him if that is what he wants. Your panic can only make things worse. Your fear is a clear sign to your dog that the thing outside is the most frightening beast ever. Stay a responsible and reliable friend. Your dog needs you. And expects that from you.

Be cool, don't use firecrackers. Stay home with your dog and forget about that party. She didn't leave you in your hard times. Surely she knew it was time for walk and food. Still, she wagged her tail cheerfully and wiped off the last tear from your face. For a moment, he's put his needs aside to make you feel better.

Now is your turn.

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