Maybe your friend wants to surprise her family. Or your husband your children. Maybe you are thinking of getting a dog for Christmas. I cannot argue you into thinking otherwise. It is not up to me. It is your decision. What I would kindly ask you to do is to stop for a minute and think about ownership. Responsible ownership.

Unfortunately, trend of giving puppies as Christmas gifts goes hand in hand with trend of abandoning dogs. Not during the holidays. But a little bit later. When the family wants to go skiing. Or stay in a resort. Or when grandma doesn't want to take care of the beast weighing 50 kilos anymore.

I am going to suppose you are a responsible mommy who just wants to make her child’s dream true. To have a dog. You are aware that having a dog is costly and time-consuming. And you are ready for it all. To rise early in the morning. Wipe off dog’s pee from living room floor. Hide chewed up slipper or TV cable here and there. You've made arrangements with your aunt to take care of the furry crumb while you are on vacation. You've thought the whole thing through.

So you find awesome ad post on the Internet. Tiny, white, healthy, vaccinated. Available by the end of December. That’s it! Just what you need. You give them a call and make an arrangement immediately. It’s even cheaper than what you've expected based on online forum discussions. Plus, those people are so kind, they will bring the puppy to your home. Just a minute before the family starts celebrating.

You see, people who have the right kind of dog available right before Christmas usually are not breed lovers. Nor dog lovers. They are smugglers. They are kind and polite over the phone because that’s their job. Tradesmen. Sellers. They will bring you the puppy so you wouldn't have time to ask many questions. Unnecessary questions. Or want to see the mother. Brothers and sisters from the same litter. So they just slip a puppy into your hands at some dark petrol station and take the money. Leaving you unable to check if the puppy is healthy. What is her age. Whether she has any parasites. Flees. Vaccines. Because, had you been able to check all these, you wouldn't have purchased a puppy in such a manner in the first place.

Trust me, you do not want your child and yourself to go through all the problems purchase like this one usually is.

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