It's festive season, holidays, wishes coming true. Movie like set up. Cutest child, full of excitement. Under a beautiful Christmas tree. Sitting by the fireplace. Next to a huge gift box. With even bigger bow on top of it. And a tiny snout pops out of the box…

You can imagine rest of the story. Everybody is so happy, excited. Small furry puppy wagging her tail, kissing the whole family, playing all night. Room is filled with laughter and joy. The best Christmas ever! Gift that every child deserves.

But… Can you imagine rest of the story next morning? And next week? How about in a year? Or ten? Fifteen? Will the same child be as excited on Sunday mornings, time for watching cartoons? What if the puppy grabs child's favorite toy? Or your most expensive shoes? Living room sofa? In case you answered to all these with an absolute yes, then consider taking a puppy for YOURSELF. Not for your child. Not as a gift. And certainly not as a surprise.

I am not saying, please think about before taking a puppy for Christmas. I am saying, please do not. Just don't. Puppy cannot be turned off. There are no batteries to remove. You can not put her under the bed. Or send to the corner. Dog needs you. Every single day. You. Not your child. Kid is there to play around with. Sometimes. You need to be there for whatever your dog needs. Always.

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